What's Brandrow

Social curated marketplace

Founded in September 2012, Brandrow is a small startup located in heart of Singapore. We provide everything you need to get a professional e-commerce store online, without needing to engage expensive web development companies or developers.

Let's face it, there's plenty of e-commerce websites that have the right intentions but fail to deliver, therefore, we have made it extremely easy to build, edit and manage an e-commerce website. You'll never have to engage someone to edit or update your store, because with Brandrow, anyone can make changes from just a point and click away.

It's one of our goal to become the premium provider of affordable and powerful e-commerce websites for independent store owners and businesses.

In 2014, Brandrow launched the Social Marketplace, it's never easier to discover and connect to amazing shops and products. Shoppers are the main curators of the marketplace, every interaction help to promote the product to the rest of the shoppers on Brandrow.

What's our Vision?

Build an interactive marketplace for all trades around the world.

Overall, we're passionate about helping businesses to succeed online. We believe e-commerce websites can be built quickly and easily, and yet still create a professional identity. We've made it easy for you to start your online store, sell and manage your orders. Brandrow is your web developer. Period.